that horrible moment when you realise the party’s over

photo of woman holding disco ball

Grey sunlight streams through slatted blinds

And carpet fibres brush across my face.

I realise that I must’ve slipped inside

The alcoholic ride into a dirty ditch.

But looking round I see I’m not alone,

As bodies strewn across a lurid three piece suite

Satisfy that anxious knot that sits inside,

That feeling that I’ve misbehaved while under wine’s

Sweet curtain falling through the night.

But now the party’s over and the sun

Is creeping up and welcoming a wretched day.

I scrabble for my shoes, my purse, my phone,

All scattered carelessly throughout this stranger’s house.

I slip into the outside world, and breathe

That air so razor sharp it bursts the bubble

And let’s the dream of endless fantasy

Drift away on wispy clouds, hopefully

Never to be seen again.

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