olympic dreams

Four years,

Let me say that again, four years,

Of rising on the dark and rainy mornings,

Training til the body aches

With a tiredness, that soaks the bones,

All for one event

That seals the deal

And lifts your star to legendary height.

I’m watching some of the Olympic Rewind after work today. It breaks my heart to know that the Tokyo Games are being postponed, and I hope to God that they don’t get scrapped altogether.

I’m the kind of person that feels what these athletes do on such a deep level. I was a swimmer growing up (although I was never anywhere near Olympic level) so I know how crushing it is to not perform when you have set your sights on one event. To train for four years and then not perform must be heartbreaking.

I get so sucked into the Olympics because of the emotions that shine through during the competition. I love to watch the elation when people do well, and also the sadness when it all goes wrong.

One of the hardest things to watch is an athlete come second or fourth and then getting interviewed before they have time to even process what has happened. The emotion is so raw that it hurts to watch.

I’ve included a video below that shows just how powerful these moments can be. Even the presenter is struggling to hold it together by the end of this interview and I still remember watching it some twelves years on.

I will certainly miss the Olympics this year. The ups and the downs are addictive and I want my fix. I want to jump for joy and I want to cry. And the Olympics offer all of this and more.

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “olympic dreams

  1. cyncoed

    It does take amazing dedication, but as with all Elite sport, we only ever see one side. There is so much we don’t see, like the athletes that give everything and get injured, disappearing from view, the politics behind the scene and the evolution of technology in certain sports to gain advantages. I love the Olympic ideal, but I’m not sure it truly exists with the amount of money rewarded for success in certain sports. That said, I do love watching the swimming !

  2. crispina kemp

    I’m no athlete, and the only event I’d be good at is talking. Yet I know the training is tough and the training becomes everything, and some people can’t take it, the pressure too strong. I know some people… one person… cut out the permanent way. His memory lives on

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