doing a geographical

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So far this year we’ve never ventured far,

Like little magnets spinning back

To central spots that draw us in.

It will feel weird when forces lapse

And then we spin way out

Into the vastness of the Universe

And we’ll be left just holding on

Hoping we will find our way back home again.

I’m going on holiday!!!! Never thought it was going to happen but we leave tomorrow and I’m feeling like an excitable puppy. I’m a home bird at heart but sometimes just getting away is what we need.

I find that home can be a little bit like a pressure cooker, and that pressure just builds and builds until it’s too much to contain. And I think a lot of us are getting to that point.

A lot of us probably haven’t left our hometowns in over three months which is just crazy. We never would have thought that would be the case as we saw in 2020, and look where we are now.

We’re still staying in the UK so it’s not like I’m venturing far, but I feel like that bungee cord that has been holding me within such a small circle over these few months has finally started to lose its elasticity and so my reach is increasing bit by bit.

Whether this is a luxury that we are going to still have in a few months, I don’t know. But for now, I’m going to enjoy feeling that stress and pressure ebb away.

Much Love

Rachel xx

PS I reached 500 followers today and I am so honoured that so many people have chosen to hit that button. I love you all.

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