the man who runs the donkey rides

There’s a man at the pier who runs the donkey rides,

Not many people even notice he exists,

Except the children, that is;

They run toward him arms out wide

Like he’s their favourite uncle, or Santa Claus.

But underneath that quiet, hardened shell

There’s a story to be told,

A daughter that he lost, and a wife

He loved so hard before she turned so sickly pale

And faded with the sunset on the beach.

The man who runs the donkey rides

May go unnoticed by the likes of you and I,

But he has a story, long and winding

And just as worthy as our own.

8 thoughts on “the man who runs the donkey rides

  1. Olivia

    What a lesson for us all to learn. To notice those that would usually go unnoticed. The cleaner in our office building, the bathroom attendant at a fancy restaurant, the McDonalds worker. They all matter 😊
    Such a lovely post!

  2. crispina kemp

    Whether the man with the donkeys or any other we tend to overlook as unimportant, they all have a story, all worthy of our listening. But most will never reveal the joys and pains they have lived through to strangers such as me and you

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