the a-level fiasco

auditorium benches chairs class

I want to lean in quietly, and whisper in your ear

It doesn’t matter, there was a reason why

This happened and you’ll see it when you’re old.

I want to dry your tears and take away the pain

But time will heal and you will come out strong,

Wherever you may go…..

So, here in the UK the A-level results came out, so students were nervously opening envelopes to see if they could get into the university that they wanted.

However, things have been a bit different this year because the exams were cancelled and teachers submitted expected grades. This obviously caused problems for students who wanted to up their grades with a good exam result.

And then the government applied their own algorithm to the grades and this pushed down some results even further. The big problem with this is that it was harder on kids in disadvantaged areas.

I don’t particularly want to go on a political rant but I am fuming at our government and the way that they have treated these students. I just hope that they can show a little more compassion than they have previously.

But the point of my post is to say that I really don’t think exam results matter all that much. It’s easy to say this when you haven’t just lost out on a place at university, but it’s true that when one door closes another one opens.

I hate to sound so cliche but I really believe that everything happens for a reason and sometimes a failure can send you on a completely different trajectory; a better one than before.

I just want to whisper in their ears that they’ll be OK. Really, you will.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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