spilling the tea on all of those famous people

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The stuff I know could shake the world

And opinions roll from me like marbles from

The hands of grubby playground kids.

I’ll let you in on the secrets that I know

And in the process I will crush some souls,

Doesn’t matter though because

I’ll never meet the people talked about.

I have become painfully aware of this ‘spilling the tea’ movement on platforms like YouTube. It feels like the only way to gain traction on the internet is to be horrible to someone.

The people who make these videos can really attack people that they don’t know at all and it feels like, if you’re famous, you’re fair game for most of these people.

The internet has the power to be so helpful and positive but it has just twisted into something quite nightmarish. I do wonder how some of these famous people cope with some of the attacks they get online? I know for certain that I would need to curl up in a ball and cry. Perhaps we should think how we would feel a little more often?

Much Love

Rachel xx

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