a few things about me

Telephones scare the crap out of me

And so do official looking envelopes that come through the post

Tom Selleck is my imaginary husband

And I don’t care that he’s well past seventy

I don’t like fireworks

I’m 35 and still don’t like the loud bangs

I find it easier to swim than I do to walk

One day I’m going to sell everything and build a hobbit house by a lake

I’ll build it myself even though I don’t know how to build

Reading is my therapy and I write lots of crap

But it’s my crap and one day a great agent will see

And I’ll get a deal with Penguin, and a bestseller too

I’d rather be cold than hot and I’ll moan

Until someone tells me to shut up because the sun’s not going away

I often talk myself out of going to events

With only a moment to spare and I wonder sometimes

What opportunities I’ve missed because I’m so lame

But I’m a trooper and I just keep on trooping

And I just wanted to tell you that it’s fine to have flaws

We all have so many gifts that were given by God

So go out and enjoy, there’s so much to love.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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