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I struggle to understand why people pay for workshops in creative subjects. I’ve seen them for how to write a beginning and an ending and how to sell your first million copies. I just don’t understand the attraction when only I can decide how to end my own story.

And who knows the magical formula to sell a million of anything?!

I could argue that maybe workshops are good for bouncing ideas off other writers but I always find I end up wanting to steal their story lines. No matter how hard I try to veer away from their ideas I get more and more steadfastly stuck in their imaginations.

I’m trying to write books that will sell their millions but isn’t everything down to dumb luck? Does JK Rowling know how she struck gold? Probably not. So I really don’t know how somebody can ask you to part with money to get that elusive best seller.

And teaching somebody to write is a bit weird too. I think that writing is so subjective and if I want to write something that everyone else thinks is crap, then isn’t that down to me? There’ll probably be someone out there who likes the crap I’ve written.

Just sayin’.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “musings on workshops

  1. nickreeves

    I think I learnt more (or differently) in workshops before the internet.
    They seemed somehow secretive, a little subversive.
    They offered an energy amiss in the monitor.

    …However, now there’s tons of digital workshops and courses, which is cool, too!
    WordPress is our workshop I guess.

    Liking your crap 🙂

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