you voted for who?!

I liked you,

I really, really liked you,

Viewed through my glasses

With the rose tinted lenses.

And then you said those words,

The lenses shattered with the sounds

That jarred my mind, stopped my heart

And made me wonder what I saw

Behind that changing face.

I absolutely don’t want to get into any political scraps but I just wanted to write a bit about how I view people when I find out how they voted.

I’m a bit of a black and white person; I put people on a pedestal when they please me and when they fall I find it hard to put them back there. That’s a problem with me that I’m trying to work on.

But, does anyone else really like people and then completely change their opinion of them when they find out that they voted differently to you? I don’t know if it’s me being a bad person or whether we are being conditioned to feel really strongly about politics at the moment. I mean, everything is so polarised at the moment and I think the media play a big part in that.

I was talking to a new person at my work the other day and I was really starting to like him. Then he happened to say that he voted differently to me. I must have visibly flinched as I watched him fall from that lofty pedestal.

I’m in the UK and we’ve had to endure Brexit which has divided the country, but I’m sure it’s know different in the US and many other countries around the world.

I just think that it’s so sad that politics has become such a hate filled arena. It’s been like that for eternity but it really feels like it’s intensified with certain characters coming onto the scene (not mentioning any names).

Anyway, just be nice to each other and don’t take a leaf out of my book. I’m a work in progress but at least I’m honest.

Much Love

Rachel xx

11 thoughts on “you voted for who?!

  1. juliadeniro

    I think everyone goes through this at least once. Considering who our president is, I can’t help losing my good opinion of people if I find out they voted for him.

  2. ceponatia

    I can’t fault you as it’s something I did quite regularly and I STILL do it, but in a different way. I had many, many people who were actual, real life friends block me on all social media and stop speaking to me in 2016 because Donald Trump won the election. To be clear, I didn’t even vote for him; I simply said that he was going to win and I guess everyone thought that I somehow harnessed some secret power of the universe and willed him into office. But I adapted, continued to self-reflect as I always do, and rolled with the punches. I’ve looked up some of those people in the last year or two and they’ve completely transformed their identities into one-note Trump-haters. Every fiber of their being is dedicated to him, like a cult. I never want to be that kind of person.

    So, what I originally wanted to say was that when someone tells you who they voted for and your jaw drops and you change your perception of them… you probably didn’t know them very well to begin with or if you did you were conveniently ignoring things about their personality that you didn’t like. Nobody who told me they voted for Trump shocked me. I don’t think they’re bad people but I know what kind of world they want to live in and it wasn’t won run by a Democrat.

    Part of the problem though is that when someone’s candidate does win they get so shitty about it. Just wait til Biden wins in 2020 (that’s my bet anyways, I couldn’t care less) and everyone on the left roars with laughter at how bad all of the racist woman hating homophobes must feel. Totally tone deaf to how hurt they felt when Trump voters laughed at how bad all the socialist race-baiting pussies felt in 2016.

    People ruin everything.

    1. patientandkindlove

      That is exactly how Brexit has panned out over here. Those that won said that remainers were bitter, and remainers said that leavers were uneducated and racist. It got a bit ugly at times but nobody seemed willing to actually listen and be kind. I know that the media is important but I think it plays a massive part in the divisions in society now.

      1. ceponatia

        That’s an interesting dichotomy that we see repeat itself all over the world. Conservatives are racists and progressives are elitists. People can’t fathom that there are other modes of thought other than their own. Maybe when person A, a progressive, makes a heated remark about welfare recipients being lazy, they feel like they did something racist. That doesn’t mean that when person B, a conservative, says the same thing that they’re even operating on the same ideological premises.

  3. Greg Dennison

    I know it isn’t wrong, but yes, I’ve felt that way, and I’ve had people feel that way against me too. I have more thoughts, but you probably don’t want to hear them.

      1. Greg Dennison

        I’ve been a little more outspoken on Facebook lately, and people generally don’t like it. I hate remaining silent, but I also hate the thought of losing friends.

  4. crispina kemp

    I wouldn’t say my reactions are quite so extreme, yet discovering which way a person has voted is much like being given a snapshot of their mind… beliefs, aspirations, goals etc… and I have, let’s say, put distance between those whose beliefs and goals are so different from mine.
    But this is normal human behaviour: the division into Them and Us. Unfortunately it’s also the basis of today’s hate culture

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