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If this day were a poem it would be a sonnet

Written by Shakespeare or some other dude

Who writes epic poems that everyone raves about.

But the trick to making the best of these days

Is not to recite your sonnet from the top of the roof

But to hold it tight and enjoy it,

Put it in a notebook so you can look back

And remember that if tomorrow is an absolute flop

Neither day will define you for others,

Just make sure that they remember you fondly

Because after all, that’s all that matters.

So I had to take a maths test today to show that my skills were up to standard for being a teacher. It was only an easy computer test that included ratios and percentages so it was nothing that I should be too proud of. But I am.

And that’s alright, because it was a bit of a surprise, and a really nice surprise. But unlike before, I’m learning that these things don’t define me. I’m learning to enjoy my successes, but not fly off the handle because I’ve got so excited.

I’m also learning that I’m not defined by my failures and again I don’t fly off the handle with deep depression. I still struggle to contain myself sometimes, but I’m learning to live my life on a much less up and down roller coaster.

For now I’m going to enjoy my little success and I’m off out for my KFC dinner. Tomorrow is another day and if it brings something less palatable, I will deal with it then.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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