why does it always rain on me?

rain drops

Why does it always rain on me?

I’ve stolen the line straight from a song

But it rings true every time

I feel like the world is starting to cave

And I wonder why God has it in for me.

I wish I was lucky like that girl over there

And not left sulking under a darkening cloud

That’s threatening thunder and chaos for me.

So, I’m having a really good time at the moment but even in the good times I can feel like I’m buckling under pressure. And when I reach these little pressure points, I can sometimes feel like the world is against me.

Tomorrow I’m going to Alton Towers with Noah and although it’s going to be fun, I have to drive further than I’ve ever driven before and then find the hotel after a full day at the park. I know that these are real first world problems, but what can I do?

Anyway, I can sometimes feel myself reaching that point where I think that I’m going to just have to curl up in a ball and give up and when this happens it’s like I’m counting all the things that can possibly go wrong.

And as a runner, I’m finding that I am literally asking the question, ‘why does it always rain on me?’ I swear on my life that every time I have gone for a run over the past few days, the heavens have opened and I have got soaked.

Really, it’s just bad luck, but because I’m stressed I’m telling myself it’s because the world is against me. But I’m really making an effort this time to tell myself it’s all crap that I’m making up.

Now, I’m trying to spin it. Not only is it not the world against me, but it could be a good thing? Maybe cutting my run short has saved me from injury? Or maybe I should keep running and enjoy feeling the cooling effect of the rain?

I’m learning and it’s hard, but I’m trying. It’s not always raining on me and I don’t have my own personal thunder cloud following me around. I hope that you can spin some positives in your life today too.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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