it doesn’t always work out that way

woman in bath tub

I love to watch the Cinderella ending

Where the villain dies and the princess lives

A charmed and magic life

But I’m not quite so sure it works that way,

The happy ending is so rare,

And half the time there’s always someone there

To ensure that I will slither down

That hole into a burning hell.

I’m watching the Sheridan Smith documentary at the moment. For those not in the UK she is a brilliantly talented actress who has had mental health problems and she has made this documentary about becoming a mum.

It’s so sad to watch somebody with such talent struggling. We look at those successful people and think that they are living the charmed life, so it’s good for everyone to see that’s not the case.

But a lot of these shows urge people to talk about their mental health problems because then they will be supported if they have a wobble. I think that is beautiful advice when it works but I wish they would also tell everyone to be cautious.

There are some horrible people out there and if you are too free and easy with all of the details about your mental health and what can trigger you, you are opening yourself up attacks.

When I first got sober it was a massive mental health crisis that encouraged me to get on that road, and it was a management team that made the whole situation worse. I was very trusting and told them what was causing my anxiety and they went out of their way to put me in those situations.

There are people out there who find this kind of thing funny and I really wish that young people were warned about this. I ended up in hospital in the end and I wouldn’t tell an employer about my anxiety ever again.

Don’t mean to be a Negative Nancy but I just think that sometimes these documentaries paint a very rosy picture of the help and support you’ll get when you open up. I’m sure most people are lovely and supportive, but be careful…..

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “it doesn’t always work out that way

  1. Ingrid

    This is very good advice: it is good to open up but be careful to whom and be careful who you trust. I’m sorry you had such a negative experience. I too have experienced people taking advantage of my vulnerability, the end result being I learned not to show too much of it.

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