if dreams were real and reality was a dream

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The black and putrid tentacles

Of dreams I’d rather not be in

Can sometimes lick at daylight’s edge

Confusing night and day and lucid dreams

Until the breath is squeezed from me.

I love to have those Matrix conversations with people, the ones that blow your mind with all of the endless possibilities. I’m always fascinated by dreams and what reality really is.

I could probably ramble on for hours about whether or not we are all plugged into a mother ship, but that’s not really the point of this post.

At the moment I feel all consumed with my teacher training and I feel like my brain is just totally overloaded. I’m not really stressed, it’s just that there’s too much information being forced in too quickly.

And as a result, I am finding that my dreams are getting more and more real and my days are getting foggier. It’s a really weird sensation because I constantly have this feeling that I’ve forgotten something or that I’m in trouble and then I remember that it is like the murky residue left behind from a dream.

I think that I need to slow it down a little bit and get some early nights in and hopefully I’ll start to feel a bit better. I felt like I had an awful hangover from my drinking days today and I can’t bear to have too many more days like that!

I hope that you are all looking after yourselves and if you are feeling a bit overloaded, make sure that you find some time to unwind.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “if dreams were real and reality was a dream

  1. Halbarbera

    Am I Dreaming

    Things are kind of hazy
    And my head’s all cloudy inside
    And I’ve heard talk of angels
    I never thought I’d have one to call mine…

    Song by Atlantic Starr

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