the difference a week can make


They always said compare.

Don’t compare the good to bad or bad to good,

Just view the journey as a whole.

And if you’re just a step along

You’re doing quite alright.

Last week was my first full week in a school as a student teacher, and I didn’t hate it but I was asking myself some serious questions about whether I was really a suitable fit.

But this week, just seven days on, I feel so much better. I’ve started to plan little activities and to deliver them, and to feel calm while I do it. Last week I almost cried after I attempted to teach a mini lesson.

So the difference is marked. And that is great. Because life is all about that journey.

I know that this journey is going to be long and bumpy and I’ll have terrible lessons when I’m five years in, but I also know that if I work hard I’ll continue to move forward and improve.

In a recovery meeting I was once told that if I was having a bad time, I should look back two months ago and see if I’m in a better place than I was then. If the answer is yes, then one bad moment can be brushed off far more easily.

I look back to four years ago and I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do what I’m doing now and all that it took was to follow instructions and to be as kind as I can.

I’ve probably done some pretty terrible things to people in four years, but I try my best and I’m starting to reap the rewards.

If you are having a bad day look back a few months and see if you’re in a better place now? If not, change your ways and keep trudging on in a forward direction.

Much Love

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “the difference a week can make

  1. Ingrid

    Great advice Rachel – we all have our fair share of bad days but it’s good to look back and see the overall trend towards things getting better.

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