the inevitable crash after being way too busy

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My brain is like a battery

The power fizzing and spluttering

Until the very end.

I can charge it up again

I just need a day or so

To plug back in

And find my way back to an equilibrium.

I have had two full on weeks with absolutely zero rest. Not only have I had two weeks being a student teacher and finding my way around a new school, I also ran eighty miles over the middle weekend which cost me an entire night of sleep.

That’s all fine and good, but the phrase ‘burning the candle at both ends’ was coined for a reason. It’s because, as humans, if we hurtle through a couple of weeks at that kind of pace, something is going to give.

Now, this would have ended in disaster a couple of years ago but, again, I have learned so much in recovery, and I now have all of the tools to stop that from happening.

However, I did get to about lunch time today and I realised just how flat I was feeling. I felt a bit tearful and really snappy with both Noah and the cat!

This afternoon I did my shopping and then I have just sat watching Netflix and making my crochet blanket. I haven’t done any of my teacher training work as that can just wait. I’m looking after my brain and I’m not going to feel ashamed about it.

Look after your brain too and have a chilled out Saturday in front of the TV. You have my permission……

Much Love

Rachel xx

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