on meeting the next vip in your life

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We met in a flurry of beer

And sweaty dance floor moves

Stepping out for just a moment

Taking air and there you were

A stranger then to me.

How could I know that you would be

The person you became to me?

I was reading a book today and a sentence popped out at me. It was something about not knowing who is going to end up being the next VIP in your life. It really stuck with me because I always spend time thinking about the first time I’ve meant important people in my life.

For instance, my child’s father. I met him on a night out in Durban in a club called Bonkers, of all places. I was backpacking and the last thing I was on the lookout for was a husband.

I slipped out of the club because it was so full of people and the heat was unbearable. This South African guy followed me out and we got talking. He said he would show me around the city the next day and he stood by his word.

We spent the next week together and then he persuaded me to stay. I ended up staying in the country for about fifteen months when I had only planned on six weeks.

But looking back at that night, I had no idea the journey that we would go on. It was just chance that we met and yet he still continues to shape my life despite the fact that we now live on separate continents.

I sometimes wonder how long I’ll know somebody when I first meet them. Will they become a close friend or a partner? I just find it bizarre when something so random can bend and shape your life beyond recognition.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “on meeting the next vip in your life

  1. Greg Dennison

    In the last two years since I’ve been writing DLTDGB, I’ve been thinking a lot about that, how some of the people who are main characters now I will gradually grow apart from over the course of the story, and on the other extreme, how some of those people I am still friends with today (the most notable example of that being Taylor, who reads and occasionally comments on the blog). I realized yesterday that the episode I just posted will probably be the last appearance of Mindy Jo. And whenever I did a Megan episode, I felt like people would comment hoping that she and I would eventually get together, but we clearly didn’t, and there will only be one more Megan episode. But that’s how life is… people come and go in and out of my life all the time. And you’re right… sometimes it isn’t who you expect.

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