the reasons one might love GBBO

cupcake with sparkler
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  1. Paul Hollywood’s eyes, so blue I feel like I could swim in them (that’s cheesy, I know, but we’re all thinking it)
  2. Those flavours that I could never dream myself. The gingerbreads and elderflowers tease my tastebuds and haunt my nose with scents so rich
  3. Watching things go wrong. I can’t deny that cakes collapsing in, are always fun to watch
  4. The kooky contestants that wear the strangest clothes or have a dodgy past. The man who always wears a bow tie beside the woman who strips on Friday night. Priceless
  5. Noel. So perfectly weird
  6. The office sweepstakes that has to be played each year. Will I go out in the biscuit round? Or am I doomed to have to feed my colleagues some weird vegan creation, made with avocado and Earl Grey tea?
  7. Those ovens with the doors that swoosh away. I want one. Please
  8. All that bunting
  9. The crying and hugging when someone has to leave. It warms my heart and makes me want to take part. Just so I can be a part of their lovely cakey family
  10. How angry everyone gets on social media. Why did that contestant have to leave? Why was she crowned the winner? What on earth was that monstrosity that Noel was wearing? There’s just so much that one can get aggy about.

I hope you’re enjoying it responsibly…..

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