when your brain is a little bit guffed

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Tired, so bloody tired

That my words a nonsensical

So I just stay quiet.

Better to say nothing

Than have them think bad

And misunderstand

The wordy soup

That clogs up my throat.

I’m on a bit of a roller coaster this academic year and everyone warned me that it would happen. I’m happy but exhausted and a little bit stressed. And that is a toxic combination at times.

I’ve found that I’m getting much better at calming myself when I’m stressed but the tiredness then takes over and I find myself turning into a selective mute.

I don’t know if anyone else suffers with this but when I get this tired I can’t find the words for any situation. I feel really stupid and I can’t come up with any ideas that are interesting or clever.

I feel like all eyes are on me and everyone is waiting for me to say something but my tongue is tied and my throat is clogged. I just wish that I could get my brain firing like it should.

I’m OK though, and I need to keep telling myself that I’m doing so well. It’s OK to be quiet every now and then. I just need to go to sleep and start all over again tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be able to talk like a normal human by then (apparently it’s kind of important for a teacher to know how to use her words).

Much Love

Rachel xx

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