the stalker

I needed to know the darkest of details,

Every last thing I could find out about you,

So I followed you through the most boring of days.

I watched you at work in the small, greasy restaurant;

I’d sit in the booth with a menu held high

And peer over pages of puddings and pies.

I’d watch as you mopped up the wide, sticky spills,

And served out the coffee to men hunched in corners.

I’d watch you out back as you smoked by the bins

With five minutes spare, to read, a thriller no less

Before the chef shouts your name.

And I watched you go home, climbing the stairs,

Turning the key and feeding the cat.

You’re alone until ten when he will come knocking;

I know it’s for sex and means nothing more

As I’ve read through your diaries while you were out.

I wish you could know the person I am,

I wish that you knew the love that I felt,

The lengths that I’d go to

To make our worlds meet.

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