today i set my benchmark

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Those little posts

That mark the best

And the worst,

They come to life

When days are good,

We see how far we’ve come.

I taught my first two lessons today! They were pre-planned by the teacher so I only had to deliver them but it was still a big step on my teacher training journey.

They were both far from perfect but I got to the end of them, all of the students were still alive at the end and I had thirty pieces of work that had been produced. Therefore, in my eyes, I successfully taught them.

In my old life I would have picked at all of the mistakes that I made and gone over them until I felt like I couldn’t face going back in. I wouldn’t have given myself a break for the fact that it was my first go. I would have expected to be as perfect as a teacher who had been teaching for ten years or more.

But ‘new me’ is taking the positives and really giving myself a pat on the back for them. And I’m remembering that the negatives are to be expected and they have been provided with love, to make me a better teacher by the end of the year.

I’m so excited to improve on what I did today and I now see it as a benchmark. I know there’ll be lessons that go terribly wrong but on the whole I hope that I can just build on today. One day I’ll look back at those lessons and realise how much I have come on.

I hope that you get to set some benchmarks. It’s such a nice feeling to see progress. It makes you feel like a winner.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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