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The feet, they work in harmony

And hands can also do their tasks

With simple ease and accuracy.

But put the two together then

They lose their usefulness.

They flail about without control

And no matter what the brain may do

I feel that it will never find

A way to bring the pair as one

To do what others do with ease.

When I was learning to drive I was absolutely awful at clutch control. As soon as I mastered that, I paid for my test and passed on the first attempt. But that first few months were a real struggle and I spent some time thinking that I would never master the skill.

My problem was that I had no bloody co-ordination. I thought about what my hands were doing and ended up forgetting what my feet were doing and vice versa.

And I have found that I am having the same issues while learning to teach. I would concentrate on one element and then realise I had let another one slip. So then I would quickly change tack and address the problem only for the other thing to go down the toilet.

Normally I would have panicked that I was never going to get it, but this time I’m really embracing the challenge and working at it, just as I did with my driving. And you know what? I’m starting to get it.

I’m still really early on so I probably am really crap, but I’m noticing improvements in the way that I handle things. It feels like the muscle memory is improving and I have to concentrate less on some things, freeing up some brain power to experiment with other things.

I know in my heart that I will get this eventually. I need to stop worrying about not being perfect on the first attempt and enjoy the process of seeing myself improve. After all, it’s pretty bloody exciting!

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “uncoordinated

  1. crispina kemp

    See, you put your mind to it
    btw, my problem when I was learning to drive was what every my feet did, so did my hands, and I couldn’t disconnect left & right. I’d change gear and turn a corner!

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