they’re a group of little world changers

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So small in stature, staring up at me,

Hands raised high with raw enthusiastic joy.

I’ll never know where life will take their little souls

But still they’re full of such potential,

And me, I have the chance to shape that road

And help them change the world.

I am watching a lot of TeacherTube videos on YouTube at the moment. It’s amazing how engrossed you can become in a subject when you begin to study it. I am practically living and breathing education and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

However, the reason that I wanted to write this little post is because I was watching one of these videos made by a really amazing primary school teacher in the north of England. She was talking about her class and she described them as her ‘class of thirty little world changers’.

The phrase just jumped out at me because it summed up exactly why I wanted to teach in just a few words.

In theory, every child is born with that inbuilt ability to do something great. The things that they go through after that moment will then shape them and set in motion what they will achieve in life.

As a teacher, I am sure that it must feel like such a privilege to play such a huge part in that shaping. And I love that the teacher I was watching sees all of her students in that way. Every child can be saved, or turn a corner or be pushed on just that little bit further.

And wouldn’t it be amazing if a student you teach does go on to write the next Harry Potter series. Wouldn’t it be great if just one great lesson that I deliver is the thing that sticks in their mind and spurs them on to greatness.

I know that it’s not about us bathing in the glory of students’ achievements, but it’s pretty amazing to think that we have the power to shape the future.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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