am i the only person that’s furious with the attitudes of our young girls?

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I want to shake my fist and burn my bra,

Get these girls to feel some passion,

A cause to love with all their lives.

But everything is dull and bland,

Until they find their freedoms gone,

But by then it’s far too late

And all they do is wave goodbye.

I had a really eye opening tutor time the other day. I have a small group of fifteen year olds that I have in my group and every day, for half an hour, I talk to them about a subject that is important in the world, and yesterday it was equal rights for women.

I am normally met with an audience of totally bored faces and I have managed to get my head around that and not feel too offended by it. But yesterday, I was totally blown away by the attitude of some of the girls; and not in a good way.

I made this whole presentation about some really inspirational women and I delivered it with as much enthusiasm as I could because I do feel that it’s really important that these kids understand these topics.

I spoke about Sheryl Sandberg and Emmeline Pankhurst and I was really getting into it. I mean, I spoke about one of the women who fought for my right to vote and shape my own life. And then, when I had finished, I had two girls come up to my mentor (their actual tutor) and ask why we have tutor time when it’s such a waste of time and so boring!

I stood very quietly behind them as they told the teacher what a waste of their time they thought that tutor time was. I felt a little bit hurt but more than anything I was shocked that that was how little they thought of the rights that had been gifted to them by those women that went before.

I wonder if we started to revert to the way things work and all of us women work for less than our male counterparts, whether they would then think that the lesson was boring? Would it be boring if their legal rights were taken away and they couldn’t vote? I think not.

I’m reading an incredibly frightening book called Vox by Christina Dalcher which is about a fictional future where this kind of thing happens. It’s terrifying because I’m now seeing how easy it would be to undo all of the good work that has been done. A lot of kids don’t give a crap if it doesn’t affect them right this second or it won’t bring them some immediate benefit.

Please, if you have children, make sure that they know about this stuff and they they do care about it. They’ll regret it if they don’t, and everything they thought was their right will be just a distant memory.

Much Love

Rachel xx

11 thoughts on “am i the only person that’s furious with the attitudes of our young girls?

  1. clcouch123

    I’m sure the attitude is in part a product of conditioning that’s still imposed on girls and women. Do you want dates? Do you want a job at all? Then don’t fully express yourself and don’t dream too much or expect dreams to be realized. Tamp yourself down and stay there. It’s sad, it’s outrageous, and it persists. I am saddened and appalled with you.

  2. 𝑹𝒐𝑩𝑰𝑡 πŸŒ‹

    In one way, the ideal is a future where we don’t even need to discuss it, because equal rights have become the default. Some people experience it less than others, so in that way I could see somebody being less interested in it, especially at an early age. It is really hard to put things in context at an early age, and especially I feel when our lives are kind of so abstract and separate from each other.

    But on the other hand, part of it is not to do with the fact that they’re childrenβ€” since we’re seeing a perfect demonstration of thisβ€”

    “lot of kids don’t give a crap if it doesn’t affect them right this second”

    right now πŸ˜†.

    But yeah kids are a reflection of the environment they’ve been brought up inβ€” where a significant part of that environment is created by parents/family. And, well, the general population is spending a lot more time these days focused on humanity/self-related micro-issuesβ€” political news, global news, social media stuff, and less time on hobbies or being interested in bigger-picture things. So, yeah, we all have a responsibility in that. The more that we can show the importance/romance of being interested in big-picture things, or having interesting hobbies/creative interests, the more we can be role models for people of any age.

    One rule that I’ve always had for using my spare time, isβ€” I prefer to spend my time on things that last and accumulate in value the more time that is put into itβ€” such as learning/practising skills/creating. So it’s really economical to spend Β£100 on a guitar that you can then play for years, and gain more and more skill. There’s something to Show for it.

    1. 𝑹𝒐𝑩𝑰𝑡 πŸŒ‹

      I admire that you did that talk/discussion, and although some kids might’ve been outspoken about finding it boringβ€” you will have still influenced some of them positively. Even though I found those talks kind of boring at the time, certain lines from them did always stick with me and became integrated into my moral/philosophical system. There may always still be some kids sitting quietly on whom you’re having a big impact. πŸ’™

  3. anotherkatewilson

    Hang in there. Eventually most of them will get it – when they start facing the barriers that still exist, the expectations that will still hold them back. Every time you stand up and speak out, you are making a difference – it just might take a while for it to have effect, and you may never see them make the connections yourself, but they’ll be there. Every time you stand up against any instance of sexism directed towards yourself or any other woman, you are standing up not just for yourself or that woman, but for all women. So keep doing what you’re doing! It is important!

    1. patientandkindlove

      Oh I hope so! It seems funny that I’m getting so worried that I’m just boring them to death but one day it might make a difference. I guess that’s what a lot of teachers hang on to so that they get out of bed each day.

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