essay writing…..i’m half way there

It’s a mountain, you know,

Getting to the end of this road,

It stretches up, and when I think I’m there,

I raise my eyes and see how far there is to go

And I’m never sure that it’ll ever end.

I know it will,

It just feels that way.

Ugh, I’m writing my first academic essay in about a decade and I feel like my eyes are bleeding. I’m halfway and this has been a painful experience already. I can only imagine how terrible the second half will be.

I’ve done quite a few epic endurance events and I’m going to have to attack this in much the same way. It’s going to be a case of getting my head down and ignoring the pain. Just motor on; it doesn’t matter that you have stress fractures in your legs and you still have twenty miles to go. You just do it.

I just hope that I’m a little more disciplined than I was in my last 100 mile event as I bonked out at 80 miles. That is not an option this week. No bonking!

Much Love

Rachel xx

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