when you realise you’re not alone

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Sitting in boxes, in absent quiet,

Waiting for time to slip away,

We spark up nothing, and panic and fret.

We think we’re alone, but there are others out there,

In their own little boxes, filling with stress.

We are so far from lonely, if only we reach

Hands out to others and admit to our pain.

I often sit in my little flat where I know I’m comfortable and safe. But I’m also isolated and that’s not always a good thing. Because it gives me a chance to sit and fret about everything that I could possibly be doing wrong.

I’ve been doing that over the past few days; thinking I’m an awful parent and daughter and student and employee. And that’s all because I’m struggling a bit with this essay.

So I had a quick look at my Whatsapp group and read what everyone else was saying about their essays. I half expected to see that they had all finished and had found it easy. But it was quite the opposite.

Most of them sound as though they are struggling more than I am.

If I had just reached out of my little box a little earlier, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and anxiety.

I am an introvert, through and through so I feel better when I’m on my own, but this is yet another reminder that I need to reach out and connect. Connection is what humans need, and I must remember that I am not exempt from that.

Keep safe and make sure that you reach out, even if you find it difficult. Knowing that others are struggling actually helps in some perverse kind of way. So do it.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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