how are you coping…..really?

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I felt those familiar pangs last night,

As the news filtered through

And the words rattled round

On a Twitter fed carousel

Built just to torture

The sensitive ones,

Like you and me.

I sat watching the TV last night and I felt that blind panic that I remember feeling at the end of March. There is something about an unscheduled press conference or announcement that makes me feel as though the end of the world is nigh.

I watch these things and I feel like I’m watching some weird apocalyptic movie, but it’s real ,and it’s terrifying. There was a time that I had no idea what that conference room inside No.10 looked like, and now I feel like I know it better than my own living room.

I did pick myself up after all of those scary announcements in March, but now that it’s happening again I wonder whether we’re all going to be so strong this time around? Maybe we will fare better? Maybe I’m just panicking about nothing?

I really just wanted to say that, although I know I’m not dying, I had that breathless feeling of panic last night and I was thinking of all the others out there who are worrying.

I understand and I just wanted to ask how you really are? We’ll all be OK but just say hi if you felt that shard of fear in your heart last night. I’m really sending out my love and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can have some sort of Christmas that is normal in just the smallest way.

Much Love

Rachel xx

13 thoughts on “how are you coping…..really?

  1. Greg Dennison

    I saw your news. I know things are different here, and it varies from state to state, but I understand how you feel, and I’m worried something like that will happen here. (I’m also worried about people’s reaction to our upcoming election, regardless of who wins, but that’s another story.) I told someone recently that I feel like everything that made life bearable has been stolen from me. I’m trying to adjust and find the good in this, but I’m still grieving too much.

    1. patientandkindlove

      There is just a little too much going on in the world. And throwing an election in just seems to make it even worse. You’re right that whatever happens there will be an uproar from around the world.

  2. crispina kemp

    I felt no fear, not for myself. I felt deep compassion for those less able to cope. I felt anger that Mr Boris claims to follow the science and yet blatantly ignores it. And after my initial reaction I wondered what words and what images I could post on Twitter to help others through the night… and the next night, and the next… this seems to be my self-appointed task. Photographer/writer, how can I not?

      1. crispina kemp

        This now is my policy on twitter. Perviously I’ve been posting views from South Quay as a good night and good morning. But I’m changing that now to sunsets and sunrises

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