i’m a little bit scared of parents

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They roar with twisted features

Hands held up like vicious claws

And I am left to wonder if

I’ll ever get away from here

With my life in tact.

I had a situation a couple of years ago when a woman came around to our house and verbally abused Noah. It transpired that her son had hit mine and I think he knew that he was going to get into trouble so he went home to mum and told her that Noah was bullying him.

The abuse that she hurled at an eleven year old was disgusting and we ended up having to get the police to visit her. Nothing like that had happened before or since (thank God), but it kind of left me a little bit scarred.

The thing is that parents always seem to think that their kids are angels and sometimes they will get so aggressive that it needs the law to step in. I went straight to the school when it happened to ask if they knew what had happened. If that woman had done that it would have saved a whole load of trouble.

But now that I’m in the sphere of teaching I’m going to have to put up with parents and especially the ones that think the sun shines out of their child’s behind.

I really don’t know if I have the strength of character to deal with a parent that is violent and aggressive. (I was signed off work for three weeks after what happened that day).

I just wish that parents could be a little bit more understanding and maybe open to the fact that their kids can have bad days and do some pretty shitty things (we’re human and we all say some things that we don’t mean). But kids learn from their parents and it scares me what we are encouraging the next generation to behave like.

Perhaps, if your child’s teacher has done something you don’t understand you shouldn’t go into school screaming and threatening violence (don’t go in crying so hard that you can’t breathe either, because I looked like an absolute tit that day). Sit down with the other person and have a conversation. Behave the way that you would like to see your kids behave.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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