TK MAxx has just won christmas

I wrote the other night about my love of Christmas ads. They warm my heart and make life worth living, even if you are a die hard Scrooge and can’t stand this time of the year.

One year, my favourite advert was the Sainsbury’s ad and it showed a school Christmas production. The kids were really cute but what stole the show was the little boy who was dressed as an electrical plug. He literally launched himself at a socket and plugged himself in. That one moment took my breath away.

There was also a cute behind the scenes video on YouTube and that just added to the charm of the advert. I think they just nailed it that year with the perfect blend of being heartwarming and funny.

We haven’t even had all of the big adverts being released yet, but I think TK Maxx may well have just won Christmas already. Anyone in the UK will probably have seen and I don’t care if it doesn’t meet your standards.

It has a goat dressed in a designer shirt and that is the recipe for something this girl will love. If I ever feel bad in life, I find videos of goats running and freezing up and my worries just drift away.

So sorry to any of the big companies that are yet to release. You’ll have to wait until next year and you might have a chance of winning if you use a baby panda in your campaign.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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