it’s so great that these kids get to talk

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The bubbles start so small and insignificant,

Inconsequential, like stars in galaxies

Far too far away for me to worry on.

But soon they build and then it’s like

An atom bomb that tears through streets,

Ripping life from hopeful hearts.

So talk, my friends, and let it all out

Just try not to worry and stop crying your heart out…..

The BBC Children In Need programme is on at the moment and I think that we need it more than ever this year. Kids that would be struggling anyway have been hit even harder and I think nights like this bring the nation together to do something positive for the world.

I’m noticing while watching that a lot of the schemes that the money will go towards are talking based therapies and that makes my heart so happy. With everything going on it’s so nice to see kids being given the chance to let it out in a healthy way.

I wish that I had had access to a professional person when I was young. There must be so many kids out there that need the help desperately and the CAMHS waiting lists in this country are just too long. I’ve been told that a child needs to have actually hurt themselves in some way to be added to the list which is shocking.

But, here’s a thought, maybe we should all be a little more skilled at listening. We all love to sit and talk about ourselves but sometimes we just need to let people pour out their emotions without comparing their woes to our own.

I’ve made a bit of a conscious effort to listen to the lids at school a bit more and it’s amazing what people tell you when they know that you are giving them your full attention. That trust that they give you is so easily earned and yet it’s so powerful.

I’d encourage everyone to sit down with a fellow human and just listen some time soon. Don’t interrupt or pass judgement, just nod and show you care. And if you get a chance, check out the Children in Need single, Stop Crying Your Heart Out. It’s one of my all time favourites and I think the stars involved have done a great job.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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