Stripy pajama clothes

And crocs that slap on concrete floors

As howls will echo through the walls.

The women that are left in cells

Have stories darker than our nightmares can

Ever open up a window to.

I’m totally addicted to the shows on Netflix that are centered around prison and serial killers. I find it fascinating how people can get themselves into the situations that they do and I always wonder how I would cope if I found myself there (heads up, I would last about five minutes).

I’m always most interested in the documentaries about females because it really is fascinating to hear their stories. The men are all pumped up with testosterone and find themselves in fights that get out of hand, but how do women get there.

So many of them have such sad stories and their bravado is down to having no support at home. And then there are the ones that are manipulated by a boyfriend into doing something terrible.

But the truth is that when you watch these programmes, you see that these women actually possess a huge amount of kindness. They look after one another, they seem to regret what they have done and they just generally try to make the best out of a really bad situation.

I’m not saying that what they have done is forgivable or made right because they seem nice on a TV programme, but I am saying that the stories behind their actions are eye opening. They make me question whether people are really evil, or whether everyone is born a good person and shitty circumstances make them less so.

It’s a fascinating question that I often turn over in my mind and I think it’s why I’m so addicted to these shows. So many deep questions from such a trashy show.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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