the first one has dropped

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Another one bites the dust

And I’m hardly able to believe

That it’s not me sprawled on the floor.

Another one bites the dust

As we jump another hurdle

The next one still seems so unsure.

We lost one of the students on our course today. It was almost inevitable that one of the 29 starters would drop, but now that it’s happened it’s made me very pensive.

When I worked as a recruitment consultant we were also made aware that it was tough and that people would drop. And I was that person that dropped. I am nearly always that person.

This is why it feels so weird to still be going fairly strong when people are starting to struggle. Sure, I’m getting myself into a right flap every now and then, but I’m still enjoying myself and I’m not dreading every morning.

It does leave me wondering whether I’m now ‘cured’ of my addictions and my ridiculous thinking.

But that is when I start to get into dangerous territory. I need to remember that I am still doing this under the steam of my Higher Power and getting cocky is going to put me on the path to ruin.

However, I do need to take some time to give myself a pat on the back. I’m obviously starting to find ways to better deal with stress. I’m not letting others knock my confidence and I’m not freezing up which leads to me not doing the work I should be doing.

My heart goes out to the person that dropped today and I do hope that she comes back stronger next year. If you’ve dropped the ball today, I’m thinking of you because I’ve dropped it several times, and very spectacularly. Just pick it back up and we’ll run up the court together.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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