how do i love routine?

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How do I love routine? Let me count the ways,

I love routine with all my heart and soul,

The gentle rock and smoothest roll

That keep my life in regimented line

And make my dates and times entwine.

I’m all over a good routine. It’s probably why I’ve always had to have jobs that are very process driven. I’ve always had jobs where one task after another have to be completed and they are always done in order and they are always done by a certain time.

I love knowing that nothing is going to jump out and make my life a nightmare. Nothing can surprise me and get me into trouble. As soon as you throw in the odd surprise I feel like the rug has been pulled from underneath my feet.

Whenever a boss changed something about our routine when I worked at the petrol station I felt like somebody had kicked me in my stomach. It could be something so trivial and yet it would completely throw me. Once I was told not to bag the doughnuts until after I had cooked the croissants and I could feel my heart racing.

Now that I’m doing my training in a school I’m getting curve balls thrown left, right and centre. It has been such a tough experience and it’s made me ‘grow up’ more than I’ve ever needed to.

And yes, I am a thirty-six year old woman, but I’ve never stepped out of this comfort zone. If things ever got tricky I would just throw in the towel and leave.

That still doesn’t change the fact that I love routine so much. I love the comfort and the familiarity, like a great big hug from a lovely friend. There’s not much of that happening these days so I’m learning to just wrap my own arms around myself. I can be my own best friend and I can be my own comforter.

Much Love

Rachel xx

12 thoughts on “how do i love routine?

  1. clcouch123

    Teaching is creative though it has its routine parts as well. You’ll like the routine parts more than I, but that’s good for you and the discipline. Your verse above is clever and humorous. The last (prose) paragraph contains, I believe, core truths.

  2. K.L. Hale

    I love your poem and this post! I’m writing a similar one called Cultivating Consistency. I’m all about routine. Don’t get me wrong, if someone said “pack your bags, we’re going on a trip!”, I’d be packed in 10 minutes. LOL. But like you, I love the comfort it brings. Stay blessed!

  3. crispina kemp

    While it’s true that I impose my own routines, it’s also true that I’ll break that routine for something new… before the sameness sends me mad.
    Good to know you’re handling it. Yes, there is comfort in routines. But routines can stifle your growth and creativity

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