just don’t let people bother you so much

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They’re always going to be there,

Those types that always want to hurt and hate,

So just ignore, forget their scathing words.

It’s as easy as that,

Just ignore the words and pain will go away.

And if I break your leg with force,

Why not ignore that pain and limp

Along like someone brave,

Like someone stronger than you are.

I’m getting fed up of people telling me that because I’m emotionally sensitive, I’m a bit of a loser, or I’m somehow weaker than I should be. It’s as though the pain that I can feel through words is irrelevant and I should just pull myself together.

But to me, the emotional pain I feel from hurtful words is physical. It hurts so much that it takes away my breath, so surely I’m allowed to wallow in that? If I told somebody to just pull them self together if they broke their leg, it would sound heartless, so why is it different with emotional pain?

I see myself as a really strong person. I can swim the Channel and I can run 100 miles, so I have a hell of a lot of strength inside me. And so, I’m not going to let someone tell me that I’m pathetic because I have to curl up in a ball when someone says something nasty to me.

Love people when they are in pain. Don’t tell them that they are not justified in their suffering. Because next time you break your leg, you might not get that much sympathy from that sensitive person you’ve put down time and time again.

Much Love

Rachel xx

7 thoughts on “just don’t let people bother you so much

  1. clcouch123

    Stop being so sensitive. I agree, it’s bad, thoughtless advice, denying who we are–who any of us might be. Start being so sensitive would be a fair response. Awareness of emotions is smart. We enjoy better self-awareness and might be on our way to compassion and empathy.

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