the 90’s girls

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We clung together in our groups of fours and fives,

And spritzed ourselves in Spice World spray

That hung in clouds above our hair

Brushed through and through with coloured wands,

The bane of mothers’ lives, as they washed it out

Of pillowcases, still the pink of little girls.

We’d laugh between ourselves, over copies of our magazines

With names like Mizz and Bliss and pictures of our stars,

The Britneys and the Backstreet Boys that filled filled our lives

As we lolled on sofas made of PVC, squeaky and inflatable.

I miss those days of blissful youth when teenage love

And hate and drama filled the air,

I miss those days of Dawson’s Creek and weddings Greek

And big and fat and spots and creams,

I miss those days of teenage dreams…..

6 thoughts on “the 90’s girls

      1. Little Charmer

        Haha yeah!!
        And those ‘arty’ black & white pics of guys in their pants that you could pull out of the middle!
        Only slightly embarrassed to say I had a few school excersise books covered in them in 1st year!! 😂😂🖤

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