why do some people make it and others don’t?

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Lady Luck and the God of Talent

Often war over who will be

The successful one in life this year.

Will it be the underdog?

Or will it be the prodigy?

There’s really never any telling who,

But surely that’s the fun in all

The effort that we make to win,

To try and reach that mountain top,

Regardless of the prize that waits?

I often wonder what it takes to become really rich and really successful (whatever that may mean). I mean, did JK Rowling really become the most successful author in the world because she is the most talented there has ever been? Is Roger Federer really that great at tennis, or is he where he is because he was privileged enough to be given tennis lessons when he was a kid?

There is no denying that these people have worked bloody hard, and there is a hell of a lot of talent involved, but is success more about luck than anything else?

I just can’t see what separates one actress from another, or makes a singer worthy of a record deal and everything that goes with it. I can see that if you want success then you need to put your work out there, but surely you are really just waiting for that lightning to strike right where you happen to be standing?

For that reason, I always try to see my writing as the thing that brings me joy, regardless of the fact that it may never bring me any riches. I wouldn’t mind a bit of luck though. It would be nice to have some validation.

But then again, am I strong enough to take it? Perhaps we are given what we can handle and the powers above know that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. We’ve all seen the pop stars that fall from grace when it all gets too much and perhaps I’m just being protected from that. I mean, I don’t think that I could handle the bashing that JK Rowling has taken over the past few months.

Whatever the stars may have written out for me, I just hope that I have a really fun and love filled life that provides me with the stories to tell in the writing that I enjoy so much.

Much Love

Rachel xx

12 thoughts on “why do some people make it and others don’t?

  1. David Green

    Time and chance happen to all. So says Solomon in the book of Proverbs in the Old Testament of the Bible.

    Jk Rowling published her first book at just the right time with a small publisher.

    She has been so successful because her books managed to resonate with readers who otherwise would not have read novels based on the occult.

      1. David M. Green

        Yes the sea lanes of life are littered with the ships of those who either had bad luck, failed to properly prepare or didn’t heed warnings or lacked the patience to see things through.

        Some dreams take generations to come to frutition with those beginning them often not living to see the achievement of their goals.

      2. patientandkindlove

        I always find that really sad, when someone doesn’t see their dream become a reality in their lifetime. Writers and artists who only become celebrated once they are dead, is a thing that makes me sad…

      1. crispina kemp

        So many turning along the way, forks in the road. Which one to take… which one will ruin your day, will ruin your life. We cannot know. We only have 2020 vision in hindsight

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