it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to change someone’s day…

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We let off gentle little ripples

Into an apathetic world, or so we’re led to think.

But really there are points out there

That suck that kindness in.

Souls that need that love, that hot and juicy courage,

And without that gentle push from us,

The greater things in life

Would never come to light.

I am genuinely always fascinated by this idea of passing kindness on. I always wonder whether something I have done has, in some convoluted way, led onto something being achieved that never would have happened if it weren’t for something nice that I have done.

It may be quite a conceited way to look at the world and my place in it, but it actually works to drive me on to do nicer things. Sure, it makes me feel like I may be more important than I actually am in the scheme of things, but it also makes me think twice before I do something a little bit shitty.

What if saying something nice about someone’s shoes makes them feel good and so they pay a fiver towards somebody’s petrol because they forgot their debit card, and then that person sees a homeless person and pays for their lunch and then that person helps out at a soup kitchen and then out of that a charity is born and millions of people are helped.

I know none of what went on after I said something nice about the shoes, and yet I’d have done so much good in the world. And then, what happens if the same process happens in reverse? What if I’m rude to someone in a shop and it ends in a death?

Obviously, you can’t blame yourself for all the bad things that happen in the world (and I have been there and I know how miserable that life becomes), but you have to be mindful of where your actions can lead to.

I think about this even more now that I am training to be a teacher. I have this wonderful opportunity, every day, to shape a future. That sounds really cheesy, I know, but to a certain extent, it’s true.

Let’s all send out those positive ripples today. Pretend you have the power to change the world and it really will make you change the little things you do in life.

Much Love

Rachel xx

11 thoughts on “it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to change someone’s day…

  1. ellie894

    It doesn’t sound cheesy at all Rachel. I think of small acts of kindness that way too. What it… your students will be very fortunate to have a teacher who encourages such kindness. I really do believe that each of us touches more people in our lives than we will ever know. This is the first thing I’ve read this morning. Thank you for the beautiful start to my day, Rachel. Love and hugs, ❤️

  2. katiemiafrederick

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    The Force

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    For All That


    To Come Again


    Thank You💫😊

  3. crispina kemp

    As a teacher, you’re making noticeable ripples, as I suppose I am as a writer and photographer. If I brighten someone’s day, that’s a ripple.
    There are negative ripples too. Saturday, while shopping, a cashier was outright contentional with me, apparently she didn’t like that I was happy and smiling. She brought me right down. Took a lot to bring me back up. That’s how easily it’s done.

  4. Jay Andrew

    Your kindness does go a long way. Most people are aware of karma and cause and effect. Few people actually live by this cosmic law, and even fewer know the mystery behind its workings.
    From what it sounds like you are one of the few that naturally grasp the importance of compassion.

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