it hit me full on today

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It’s like a truck with loud horn blaring,

There’s not much chance of missing it.

And when it comes for you

You’re swept along at such a speed

It knocks the air from tired lungs

And wakes the gently sleeping fools.

So, for some reason I have let time run away from me. I knew that it was December but I hadn’t really put that into perspective until today.

We had a Zoom meeting with our course provider and the director was chatting away and reminded us that we now only have one full week of teaching at our first placement. We then had a short meeting with our new mentors in our next placements and it all felt so real that things are changing.

I have started to feel so comfortable where I am and I felt like I would be there forever. It felt like it would be forever when I was just starting out in August. So it’s terrifying that this chapter is almost over.

I had a moment on my own in a classroom, just after our meetings, and I felt this welling up of emotion. It was really sad and pathetic but it just hit me so hard that I was really hurting for a moment.

I’ve had a couple of hours to come down and behave like a normal human now and I’m actually really excited about moving onto the next placement. I have learnt that I really need to stop letting those emotions get the better of me. I need to remember to swim with the current and just enjoy the journey.

I hope that you enjoy your journey too.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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