we’re the best in the world……i think

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Ball to the back of the net

And a roar of crowds that want the win,

We are the ones that got there first,

Scored the goal or crossed the line.

But at what cost?

And really should we boast?

When we’ve already lost the most…..

So, I saw Gavin Williamson on TV and he was boasting about the fact that our country was the first to approve a vaccine. And in his words, that’s because we are the best country.

I’m patriotic and I love being positive about my British-ness, but I kind of had to hang my head in shame. We didn’t develop the vaccine; all we did was pass it off as safe before the rest of the world. Is that even an achievement? I’m sorry, I’m not a scientist but I don’t understand how that makes us the best?

And the fact that these really boastful comments were coming from our educational secretary who botched exam results and sent students off to halls to get stuck there for three months; well, I find it hard to take any comments like this all that seriously.

I don’t really like the idea of speaking about a vaccine like it’s some sort of championship that needs to be won. I think it’s a bit tasteless and I think we should be helping each other out, country to country.

We have lost 60,000 people now. I am really sad to confirm that we really are not the best. Stay safe and look after each other.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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