a day of two halves

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Those little shiny gems in life,

The bubbles in your sweet Champagne,

They come from nowhere,

Brightening our lives,

And then it somehow turns quite bitter,

Burning at the tongue.

Better, it will get again

But days are always up and down.

Does anyone else literally go from ceiling to floor in the space of an afternoon? I have worked so hard at trying to flatten out my emotions a bit, but I get so excited by the good news and then get so crushed by the bad.

I know that life is made of ups and downs but I sometimes wish that I could have a down first and then an up to sweeten the day.

Today, was one such day, where everything was going brilliantly. I have been trying to get a three day placement in a Primary School to observe the Year 6’s and it’s been an absolute ball ache. But today, I finally got somebody agree to let me come and see them. Of course, I was over the moon.

And then, I was really brave and I asked for a meeting with my Headteacher to talk about employment in September. I haven’t got a definite job offer but I know that if things pan out in the way that I hope they do, there is a chance! What was more important in the situation was that I was impressed with myself for actually having the guts to request that meeting and go along to it. I have a real fear of going into offices with authority figures and then having the door closed on us. It’s weird, I know, but that is one of my biggest fears in life.

However, after coming bounding home, full of the joys of Spring, I received an email from the school that I had applied to in the meantime. Of course, I had not been offered an interview (again). My head went in a spin and I came down from my high pretty quickly.

I’m fine now but it reminded me that I need to stay on top of those highs because the fall can be quite drastic when bad news comes my way. I am sure that you all have those days of two halves and I hope that you deal with them a bit better than I do.

Stay safe and don’t let those nasty surprises bring you down.

Much Love

Rachel xx

8 thoughts on “a day of two halves

  1. David M. Green

    There two things one needs to keep in mind when dealing with authority figures:

    1) They pull their pants or dress on the same way everyone else does.


    2) According to the Dilbert Principle incompetence is generally promoted into positions where they do the least harm.

    So don’t assume whoever you talk to actually knows anything about the job.

    As those promoted into positions are as a rule experts at faking it until they make it.

    And be prepared to deal with a narcissistic, entitled and intellectual dishonest personality.

  2. crispina kemp

    Such is life. And yes, I can bound from high to low and back again in the course of an afternoon. I’m excellent at second guessing people, that’s my problem, too impatient to let things develop. Therefore I am my own depressant.

    1. patientandkindlove

      Impatience is definitely a huge part of the problem for me. The recruitment window is from about March to June with just a few jobs either side so I don’t know why I’m getting all panicky in December! It should just be water off a dick’s back at the moment.

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