that wonderful lightness of being

When the essay is finished and loaded

To a classroom on Google that opens its jaws

And swallows that stress and the heaviest weight

That has sat on your shoulders for weeks at a time.

When the button to submit flashes red and then green

And the laptop whistles a whoosh of clean air.

The words that you’ve toiled and struggled and bent

In two to get done a task that you dread.

But now it is done and that wonderful lightness

Of being a human, an angel, a goddess,

Done with the job that seemed not quite possible,

Now that it’s done you could float from the ground,

A body full of gas that’s lighter than air.

I felt like I needed to get these words out to celebrate handing in my second assignment. I have four to do over the course of the year so I am half way there. And the toughest term is almost at an end, so I’m doing so well. It feels like the worst is just about over.

I’m sure everybody has had a feeling at some point that there is a heavy weight on their shoulders and once you have pressed the SUBMIT button, or had that awkward meeting, or paid off that bill…. it just vanishes.

I am near the top of my hill and I am looking forward to rolling down the other side very soon. I hope you get rolling soon too.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “that wonderful lightness of being

  1. crispina kemp

    So pleased for you. But before you go speeding down that hill… watch out for obstacles. Those little stones and nuts that hide under your feet and upset your balance. I’ve blundered once or twice on those. But forewarned… you’ll be alright

  2. clcouch123

    Congratulations on turning in your work! Such a satisfying feeling. Sometimes I’d think I’d never be done and-or satisfied at all or believe someone else could be satisfied. Then to decide it’s finished, turn it in, and be done! Inhaling resumes.

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