a little pep talk for those who are struggling

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Swallowing pills and chasing with wine

As tears river down onto cold puffy pillows

You know it’s the end, you want it that way.

But don’t take that darkest of terrible steps

Because somewhere out there is a soul who will miss

Your sweetest of smiles and your voice in their ear.

You may not have met the person you’ll save

So don’t dampen out that flame in your your heart

We need it out here to brighten our day

So, take my hand and come out to play.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media recently that say something along the lines of ‘I took an overdose this time ten years ago and now I’m so glad that I failed with what I was trying to achieve.’

These are people who, maybe ten or twenty years ago, felt so desperate that the only way they could deal with it was to end it.

But they came through it and they can now see life in all of it’s colours. Sometimes it is a bit black and grey, but we have to learn to accept that and they have mastered that.

I think that most have us have been through some really shitty times that have pushed us to the edge. Whether or not you have swallowed a packet of pills is irrelevant. If you have been on your knees, praying for a chink of light somewhere in your life, then you know the feeling.

The point is that these people are all fine. They’ve made it through and I think it’s really important that we grab onto that message that there is a life on the other side.

Rather than scorn or pity these people, we need to applaud them for that climb out of their hole. And the bravery to share is just as important. If there is one thing that the internet and social media is good for, it’s for sharing. Without seeing people who had gotten sober on the internet, I never would have done it myself.

If you are in the pit right now, just take a deep breath and hold on for dear life. It will be worth the fight, even if it’s years in the future. And don’t forget, there will be people out there that need you more than you could ever realise.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “a little pep talk for those who are struggling

  1. David M. Green

    Even though things have worked out i will always wish that my life had ended at the end of an extra piece of clothes line within our neighbors basement when i was nine years old.

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