never copy

Don’t ever be that little carbon copy of

A bigger, better thing in life,

Something every person loves already.

Why would they then love a clone?

A cheap and lonely imitation, joining in the noise?

So find your place, your voice, your space

And show the world the God has given,

The individuality

That sets you out from them.

I’m watching the interview with Paul McCartney on TV at the moment, and something he said just struck a chord with me. I’m a massive Beatles fan as my family hail from Liverpool and I am lucky enough to be able to say that I was born there.

Anyway, Paul McCartney said that you should never copy someone else’s style. Always put your own stamp on everything you create and send out into the world.

The Beatles became the band that they were because they were unafraid to be themselves and I hope that most people out there have the courage to do the same.

It feels like such a shame that we were all made so different, and given different talents and gifts, and yet we all still try to fit into the same little boxes.

I saw something the other day that had the same message and it said something along the lines of ‘don’t be afraid to be different, because that thing that makes you different is probably the thing that makes you special.’

So true. Just be yourself and trust that you were made the way you were for a bloody good reason.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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