on christmas eve

man standing beside christmas tree
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

People push through crowded aisles,

Grabbing sprouts and Maris Pipers

In the hope they won’t forget

Important stuff like cranberry sauce

Or pigs in blankets, stuffing too.

And then there’s husbands and the dads,

Racing through the clothing racks

To buy the presents they forgot.

In silent bedrooms mums are wrapping

Like the Christmas elves they are,

Gin and tonic on the floor

With the paper, bows and tape,

Soon they’ll creep down to the tree

And lay down gifts in artful piles.

And as the midnight bells will ring

They gather in the village church

For Mass that’s lit my candlelight,

Remembering the baby’s birth,

The star, the manger and the inn

That started all this festive joy.


Have a very merry Christmas,

Rachel xx

7 thoughts on “on christmas eve

  1. clcouch123

    The detail in the poem is highly engaging, the kind of detail I can relate to plus the kind that happens in your region that I can learn about. The diction and the rhythm make for sonorous verse. I enjoy both the sardonic and the somber elements in the text.

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