waiting for a seismic shift

brown brick building with white concrete post
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The ground below our feet will shake,

A rumble starting in the depths

And then the buildings move, they crumble

But they fail to hurt us, those of us

Born to be a different breed.

In fact, they build us up in ways we cannot

Have ever dreamed to be delivered

On a silver platter, by a butler bowing low.

Our lives will change, and for the better

As we run from worlds that wrecked

A million lives and need to change.

I always worried that I was too different to ever make it anywhere in life. I think that everyone feels that way every now and then. But the introverts that feel nervous of everything struggle in almost everything.

We are told that if we don’t like to go to parties, then we are rude. If we hate working long hours, we are lazy. If we don’t feel that money is our guiding star, we are deluding ourselves.

It hardly seems fair but it is a world that has been built by the strong and I always thought that it was a world that was going to stay. But a pandemic has changed it all slightly.

Parties are off the menu, we work from home more often, and we have nowhere to go and spend all of our money. It has been a horrible year, but things have changed and it has been for the benefit of us anxious introverts.

Hoorah! I am no longer considered rude because now, nobody is going out.

I feel like now is a turning point in our world and if we want to see change we have to grab onto this moment with both hands. I’m too timid to do it in a face to face situation but it might be my moment to shine from the comfort of my sofa.

To all of the introverts out there, those of you that have been told you are not normal because you hold different values, we might be the ones who come out of this the best. The world is begging for change (quite literally) and us losers might be the ones to ease us all in. Now that’s a nice thought….

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “waiting for a seismic shift

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Our world really has changed, hasn’t it? Things we always used to count on aren’t the same now (like simply going out to a restaurant). Our work lives have changed, our travel has changed, and much more, too. We have to adapt to new ways of ‘doing life,’ really. For introverts, there’s a lot that is easier. I feel for extroverts, who thrive on a lot of face-to-face interaction, hugs, and so on. They have to adapt, and it’s not easy.

  2. clcouch123

    I like socializing well enough, but it also tires me. So while I miss companionship, I don’t miss the weariness. I have another blogger friend who was separated from her husband when lockdowns were imposed. Now that’s hard, and I know it’s not what you mean. So ironically the introverts will lead the way? I like the irony. Lead on.

  3. crispina kemp

    It’s true, as with pandemic of the past, this past year (and the coming will) is bound to effect a massive change is all aspects of our life, turning values and goals and behaviour upside down

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