what the weather lady said

wooden bench against brick building in park
Photo by Marta Wave on Pexels.com

What the weather lady said on that Tuesday night

As I sat with chicken noodles perched on my lap,

She warned that the ice would freeze over hell

And the wind would sweep us up in her arms.

As the clock would strike ten, she said

We’d fall in love on the succulent clouds,

Tipping to midnight we’d be gently rained

Down to the lake where the row boat sailed

Like the owl and the pussy cat in the ghastly rhyme

We hoped that we’d reach the shoreline in time.

Life would be simple, she said through the screen,

If we stop looking to a future unknown.

It’s not possible, she said, tapping the glass,

We’re merely just guessing, making up stories

To occupy minds that wander too far

In the hope that we’ll find a love in the snow

And dig in our roots in order to grow.

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