the day the world divided

The day the world divided, or I say the day,

Although it maybe took a week or two,

A month maybe, as we carefully split,

Some on the left and some on the right,

But no one in the middle, on the fence.

They took to Twitter in their droves,

To hammer out the way they feel, the way

They want to float out words into a world

That’s black and white, no grays within

Those micro posts that push up hate

And make the kindest spew out bile.

But we could sew it back together

Just as easy as it tore, with needle,

Thread and soothing lines, spoken,

Not typed behind a laptop screen.

We’ll get there one day really soon,

And we’ll look back and shakes our heads

That such atrocities could ever be,

The day the world was split in two.

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