bookshelf envy

Their perfect spines all lined in rainbow

Colours, red through to an indigo.

I wonder where we’ll go when they

Are peeled apart like autumn leaves,

Crisp and cream and full of life.

I wish that I could have that wall

That’s stacked from floor to high ceiling

But all I have is two or three,

All my favourites, may I add.

There are a lot of clever people on the TV at the moment. With us being in a really bad place with the virus, but also having a vaccine, there are a lot of experts being interviewed.

Normally, I try to switch off because they scare me, but I’m always transfixed by the bookshelves behind them. All I want to do is read the spines and wonder if they have inhabited the same worlds that I have. When I see a book that I have read, I get super excited.

I’ve always done this. When I was younger, my mum always bought interiors magazines and rather than looking at all of the soft furnishings and beautiful kitchens, I would look at the bookshelves.

I think it’s the true mark of a book lover when you are more interested in the bookshelves than the people. I am most definitely an addict.

Much Love,

Rachel xx

11 thoughts on “bookshelf envy

  1. clcouch123

    I wish that I could have that wall

    That’s stacked from floor to high ceiling

    Sigh, I want the wall as well. My young brother has terrific carpentry skills, but has he made me bookshelves? He has not. So what if he has another job as his main work? Actually, I do allow that that makes a difference. So I’ll sigh some more.

    I’ll keep a hopeful thought for you and me and all the other people needing shelves for books. It’s a good need after all, yes?

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