the dating show

There’s an abundance of those shows on TV,

The ones where strangers meet in circumstances

Different to the normal ones that hold the world in place.

One day, I applied for one. The type with food,

Cooking to be precise.

I made it on.

He cooked for me in his London flat, with camera crew

Packed into the space. Hardly romantic,

And I found myself perspiring, needing a drink.

I downed a gin and tonic, before he served a starter.

Soup, velvety and smooth,

Then chicken with a white wine sauce

And chocolate sundae for dessert.

He didn’t pick me as his favourite,

He went for Becky, a gorgeous blonde who laughed

At all his jokes and touched his leg, underneath the table.

I shouldn’t care, but I do,

Rejected on TV, an audience there

To watch my red faced shame. I’ll never go again,

On a dating show.

7 thoughts on “the dating show

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I honestly couldn’t possibly imagine myself going on one of those shows. There’s just too much awkwardness, even on a date that goes well. And the competition thing? No, thanks.

  2. clcouch123

    I’m sorry it went the way it did. I saw an hour of reality, so-called, TV a while ago as a favor to a student. So I’m pretty ignorant about the medium. I guess such a show could be fun if it weren’t for the exaggerated emphasis on winning and losing. That’s too bad.

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