summer concerts in pretty fields

There’s picnic blankets spread in patchwork squares

As people wait for music men in suits, with violins,

Their humming strings are buzzing with the bees

That flit between the sandwiches and champagne fizz,

Sipped from plastic beaker cups. And when that music

Strikes a chord, the wall of sound that rushes through

The audience that holds its breath, forgetting drinks

And canapes. They want to let that tide roll in

And let their bodies sing with joy, at the concert

In the field, as the sun sets golden on the stage.

4 thoughts on “summer concerts in pretty fields

  1. Margot Kinberg

    You really capture the beauty of a summer concert here! It’s a wonderful experience, isn’t it? I’ve gone to several and there’s nothing like it. I hope this pandemic situation ends soon, so that we can enjoy some before too much time goes by…

      1. Greg Dennison

        Nice! I’ve never been to an arena- or stadium-sized concert… they’re usually too expensive, and a lot of the bands I would pay money to see don’t draw that big of a crowd. But someday…

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