interviewing the interviewer

mockup of white clipboard with blank paper
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A clipboard full of questions typed,

Read and reread several times

Before the hands are shaken and

Those vital first impressions made.

I’m going to be speaking to a head teacher about a position tomorrow evening. It’s not an interview, but it is a chance for me to find out a little bit about the school and the team that are looking for a teacher.

I’m feeling those familiar little flutters in my stomach. But even though they are familiar, I can’t decide whether it’s excitement or nerves. A while ago, it would have definitely been nerves and they would be so bad that I’d almost be throwing up.

But now I know that this is more about me finding out about them. Of course, he will be sizing me up a bit, as I want a job, but this is the time that I should be having some fun. Every other trainee has got a job in their placement school so they don’t have the fun of shopping around. I want this guy to sell his school to me!

I have been writing down all of my questions and now all I have to do is smile and be myself. I always used to try and put on this facade that just didn’t match what I was feeling. I’d try to behave like a girl boss and it’s not me. I’m a bit dizzy and that’s fine. And it’s probably best that they see that from the outset.

Wish me luck

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “interviewing the interviewer

  1. clcouch123

    Some nervousness is normal. I’m sure you know this. Actors use stage fright to give a fresh and energetic performance.

    It’s great that you’re taking your own questions. The interview should go both ways, after all.

    I hope it is a good conversation.

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